Baccarat Martingale system

Baccarat can be a very profitable game to bet on because it has a relatively low house edge for Banker win and Player win wagers. (The house edge – and the possible payouts – are much higher for Tie bets.) Baccarat in land based casinos tends to have a very classy image due to the large numbers of high rollers that enjoy betting enormous sums on this game. In any wagering game and especially one with such potentially huge winnings, people are always working out systems of gambling that will slant the odds in their favor. The Baccarat Martingale system is a perfect example of this. Here is how it works.

How it Works

The Martingale system has been in use by gamblers for quite a few years now and it works very simply. The theory is that whenever you lose a round at a wagering game, your next bet should be doubled. This means that if you just bet $2 and lost it, for example, you will need to bet $2 x 2 on the next round. The object is to continue doubling your bets with every hand until eventually you win. At this point, you revert back to your original bet. The reasoning behind this strategy says if you keep playing long enough, eventually the tide will turn and you’ll win. If your wagers have consistently doubled, the idea goes, at this point you will win back enough to cover your losses and then some.

The Martingale System for Baccarat Games

What about baccarat games? What exactly is the baccarat Martingale system and how does it work? In baccarat, you are betting on one of three possibilities – Banker win, Player win or Tie. The tie occurs infrequently enough that Martingale system users ignore it for all practical purposes. Instead they choose either the Banker or the Player bet. Because the house charges a 5 percent commission on Banker bets, this type of wager does not end up paying out a dollar for a dollar bet. In baccarat, only the Player bet does that, so that will be the one you stick with.

The Catch

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it is. The Baccarat Martingale system sounds like it has great potential, but it ignores two very important possibilities. The chances are that you will not be able to continue doubling your bet for long because virtually all casinos have wagering limits. Even without any kind of casino imposed ceiling on your bet amount, you would end up imposing a limit on yourself when your money ran out, which happens very quickly if you’re doubling your wager with every round.