Baccarat Odds

If you are interested in wagering on the casino table game of baccarat, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself by learning as much as you can about the game before you lay your cash on the line. One of the most important factors in succeeding at this table game is studying the various baccarat odds and how they will affect the outcome of your wager. There is no guaranteed system to insure that you will consistently win at baccarat, but educating yourself can certainly help to turn the tide in your favor.

What is a Winner at Baccarat?

Since baccarat is a game of comparing the hands of two people, the Player and the Banker, whoever achieves the object of the game – getting the hand closest to a value of 9 – ends up the “winner” of that particular hand. If both are left with the same hand value, the result of that round is considered a tie. Meanwhile, your goal is to bet successfully on the outcome of the baccarat rounds – predicting whether the Player will win, the Banker will win or the round will result in a tie. If you bet correctly, you will receive a cash payout based on the amount of your wager. So you are the true winner in this situation.

Many a gamer that doubles as a mathematician has studied the game of baccarat and calculated the odds. It has been determined that the tie situation, where both player and banker have a hand of equal point value, is the rarest outcome, occurring slightly less than 10 percent of the time. Casinos will pay out tempting sounding sums for a successful prediction of a tie, but the house edge of 14.4 percent on this type of payout makes it less worthwhile than it might seem. The other two types of bets are closer in terms of probability but there is still a minor discrepancy. In baccarat, odds of a banker win are 50.68 percent and of a player win are 49.32 percent in any round that does not result in a tie.

Betting on the Banker

The slight discrepancy between the odds of a banker win and those of a player win makes for a smaller house edge when you bet on the banker to win. The house edge in this case is 1.17 percent. The house edge on a player win is 1.36 percent. Therefore, it would seem that the obvious strategy is to consistently bet on the banker. However, casinos have plugged up this loop hole somewhat by charging a 5 percent commission on all banker bets. Even with this commission the house edge is still slightly less on banker wins, though.