Charting the wheel roulette strategy

This strategy involves keeping a record of the numbers that appear on each spin of the roulette wheel after the ball has landed. If a roulette wheel is balanced, all of the numbers should occur once in every thirty-seven or thirty-eight spins depending on the type of wheel. With advancements in today’s technology, there’s little to no chance of a discrepancy, so the charting the wheel roulette strategy is usually of little consequence. It’s highly unlikely that one will find an irregularity in a roulette wheel.

What Does Charting the Wheel Mean?

Charting the wheel in roulette means you, the player, must keep track of all the spins for any bias. It’s based on the premise that here could be a problem with the software or there would be a flaw in a land-based roulette wheel. This is the type of discrepancy that is looked for when charting the wheel. If there was a tilt, which is extremely unlikely, a bias might occur if there was a problem in the wheel mechanism or construction, or if there was an inaccuracy in the algorithm used to develop the online casino software.

Most casinos today provide gamblers with several of the last winning numbers. One would think that the posting of the numbers actually would provide players with a slight advantage should a pattern appear.

The truth is, notwithstanding, that in order to establish a deviation many more than twenty spins would need to be recorded. A sample of nothing short of 1000 - 5000 spins would have to be noted and, even with that, it would be difficult to determine any real pattern. This type of charting and recording requires a great deal of time and patience, additionally finding a tilt would be highly unlikely. Other factors also play into the result. Where and how the ball is thrown in, is another aspect of the outcome.

How is the Wheel Charted?

Charting the wheel means you are recording the spins and the number that was landed on. If a set or series of numbers is coming up more regularly, then possibly there could be a bias with those numbers. Perhaps there’s a fault in the wheel construction or a flaw in the algorithm which powers the roulette wheels in online casinos.

To chart, first you need to select the roulette wheel that you want to watch. Begin to track and record the number from every single spin that’s played. At the minimum, you’ll need to record at least 1000, 5000 is optimum. If a number comes up more frequently than once in every 33 spins it’s a number that you’ll want to bet on. The charting the wheel roulette strategy requires time and patience, most of the time it is extremely difficult to find a wheel with a flaw. If there aren’t any numbers occurring more frequently, it’s time to look for another wheel and begin keeping a record of winning numbers.