Roulette Martingale System

The Martingale System is usually played on even-money games (black/red) in roulette. The principle behind the roulette martingale strategy is that if you double the next bet, following a loss, you’ll eventually recuperate enough to cover all previous losses, as well as an additional wager. The logic behind the system is that you’ll eventually win enough to cover the loss; the difficulty is that it’s possible to lose all of the money earmarked for gambling before recovering the losses.

How the System Works

The origin of the system is traced to France during the late 1700’s. In its most basic form, the gambler continues to double his bet after each consecutive loss until he wins. At this point, theoretically he will collect all of the money gambled plus his initial bet. The Martingale system works best with even-money bets as the strategy is based on a 50/50 gamble so, with a black/red gamble, the odds are approximately 50%. Potentially the system provides players with the opportunity to improve their winning percentages, in a single spin, from 46-82%.

The Martingale is an assertive way to address the principle of a ‘negative exception’ gambling strategy. More specifically, it’s based on the assumption that the longer a person plays the more they are likely to lose. Therefore, if increasing amounts are gambled the losses will eventually be recouped.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the System

The system is perfect for anyone who has an endless supply of cash to gamble. Gamblers do come away from the wheel with a small win, so it appears that the system is a valid way to succeed at roulette. The reality is that most gamblers don’t begin to come close to being able to place infinitely increasing bets. A player’s chances of experiencing a substantial loss are equal to the chances that he will walk away with a small win. Due to the fact that each bet increases exponentially, a gambler may face bankruptcy before recouping any losses. Most betting limits within casinos don’t allow for the ever increasing wagers required by the strategy.

This system is recommended for gamblers who are able to exercise control and restraint. Accordingly it is recommended that the system is best when used over short periods of time. It is also recommended that players not continue until they reach the maximum betting limit. It’s better to stop before this point and wait to play roulette at a later time.

It’s crucial that players understand that while the Roulette Martingale system is capable of doubling the gambler’s odds, no system is perfect, and that roulette is strictly a game of chance. Most importantly, the system requires patience, discipline, and the ability to manage one’s bankroll!