Roulette odds

Roulette, simple, clean, exciting, is one of the less complex gambling options with odds that are relatively easy to comprehend. Most other casino games are considerably more intricate with several different variations and choices. Roulette odds are based on two different versions and are relatively consistent. Games such as video poker, craps, and blackjack have odds that are more complicated. Roulette, by contrast, has the most direct odds. Other casino games offer many gambling options with odd and multiple-rule variables that differ substantially. Roulette is uniquely uncomplicated with respect to odds. The variations are described as follows.

Version One - America Roulette

The distinguishing feature of the American roulette wheel is that there are 38 number-slots on which the ball can potentially fall. American roulette wheels have a 0 and a 00, in addition to the other numbers, 1-36. The table presents a marvelous variety of betting options, colors, numbers, and groups of numbers can all be wagered upon. No matter what bet is gambled, the edge of the house is always going to remain at 5.26 percent. You might ask how this is possible.

If, for example, you choose to bet on a single number the payout is 35 to 1, and the likelihood of winning with that number is 2.64%. Following a basic formula the house edge stands at 5.26%. Another example would be for a bet placed on either black or red. The payout for this bet is 1 to 1. Therefore, the winner will win $1 if that was the amount of their original bet, plus they would receive a return of the original bet. American roulette contains 38 number slots into which the ball may fall (18 black, 18 reds, and 2 greens, 0 and 00’s).

If the gambler bets on black they have a chance of 18 out of 38 to win. Their chance of losing is 20 in 38. Based on these odds, the difference between the two reveals the same 5.26% house edge. By factoring the chance of winning and the potential payout for every type of bet, you’ll find the same pattern exists, and the American roulette house odds consistently remain at 5.26%.

Version Two - European Roulette and the Exception to the Rule

European roulette wheels do not contain the 00. The wheel has the numbers 1-36, but only one 0, so the total number of slots is 37. The roulette odds in European roulette are also exactly the same for every bet, just as they are in American roulette. The only difference is that the house edge is only 2.7%, thus favoring the gambler. There is nevertheless one exception to the rule in American roulette; gamblers may opt to bet on the numbers 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. In this case, the house has a greater advantage with an edge of 7.89%, probably not the best risk to take!