Roulette Systems

Roulette is an exciting game based on chance. While there aren’t any roulette systems that can guarantee a win or affect the wheel odds, there are strategies in play that can potentially increase the chances of winning. The following are some of the major systems and methods that have been useful to roulette players around the world. There are two basic premises that apply to all of these. The expectation to bear in mind is that the longer you play the greater the chance of losing. The house almost always maintains the edge, an advantage that can’t be denied.

Some of the Most Popular Roulette Systems

This list includes a short description of some of the most popular systems. Bear in mind that some systems involve more risk than others.

The d’Alembert System

is based on the idea that continuous streaks of losses or wins are unlikely. Because there is no finishing point, players can stop gambling at any point.

The Fibonacci System

is a progressive and based on the Fibonacci sequence. The sizes of the bets ‘grow’ slowly and the chance of winning is less than in some of the other systems.

The Labouchere System

is based on listing numbers and striking numbers off if they are winning numbers if not; additional numbers are added to the list. It tends to be an expensive system that often will result in a win when played to its conclusion.

The Martingale System

is considered to be the definitive system model. It is based on the principle that the chance of losing over an extended time on even bets is unlikely. The Martingale typically results in small wins although it can also lead to even larger losses.

The Paroli System

is the carbon copy of the Martingale System. Players attempt to piece together wins that are consecutive rather than avoid losing strings. Just as the game employs a reverse strategy the results generally include small losses and even bigger wins.

Trying Systems for Free

Most importantly, roulette is intended to be played for fun. Players are more likely to lose than win. This is a facet of roulette that cannot be changed. Any system that is used needs to be enjoyable, if the goal is only to win then it’s probably better not to play at all. Most online sites allow visitors to play and try out roulette systems for free. It’s possible to try out one or more systems with little out of pocket expense. No system can change the core probability; therefore there is nothing to lose and nothing to gain either way. Based on this assumption, if the gambler remains practical in their expectations there is no reason not to use systems that appeal to the player.