Sic Bo odds and house edge

Sic Bo is a wagering game, based on pure luck, with a house edge that is somewhat above average on all possible bets, and way above average on some. For many veteran gamblers, that statement would be enough to send them off in another direction, looking for a game with better chances of winning. However, Sic Bo has a dedicated group of fans and continues to attract new players. It seems that this game must have great entertainment value to keep drawing the crowds. If you are interested in playing, look at the figures for Sic Bo odds and house edge so that you can place the optimal bets. An informed player has the best chance of working with the house edge.

House Edge

The house edge for the most frequently chosen types of bet in Sic Bo, the Big or the Small bet, is an unremarkable sounding 2.78 percent. It’s higher than the house edge for the most popular casino table games such as blackjack, but still within the recommended 3 percent upper limit. However, other Sic Bo bets come with an astronomical house edge of as much as 33 percent depending on the individual casino. Because Sic Bo results are strictly based on luck and the only variable the player controls is his bet size and type, there is not too much room to manipulate the house edge; the best policy seems to be to stick with the lower house edge bets.

Sic Bo Odds

The theoretical odds of winning either a Big (11 to 17) or Small (4 to 10), or an Odd or Even bet are approximately 1:1, that is, even. However, the actual odds are shaped in part by the condition attached to this type of bet, that a triple automatically loses the bet. At the other end of the spectrum is the wager with the highest odds in Sic Bo, a specific triple (for example betting that 3 fives will come up). The odds of winning this one are 216:1, but the bet pays out at only 180:1, meaning that both the house edge and the odds are much higher.

Winning at Sic Bo

Winning at Sic Bo means accurately predicting the outcome of a roll of the dice, however, due to the nature of the game and the way the house edge is established, it is nearly impossible to win back as much as you wager, let alone make a profit at Sic Bo. With that understanding, your focus should be on enjoying the game, hoping for a major win but at the same time limiting your spending to what you can afford to lose.