Sic Bo Tips and Strategy

Sic Bo is a wagering game, based on predicting the results of a throw of three dice. Although the outcome of the dice roll is completely random and is actually governed by a random number generator in any online casino, the player does have some room to strategize in using the game’s complex betting system. For this reason, most Sic Bo tips and strategy will focus on helping a player make the best decisions about wagering. He can choose what outcome to bet on and how much money to wager on it, and can even bet on several compatible outcomes at the same time; familiarity with strategy will guide him in these choices.

Sic Bo Strategy

The randomness of Sic Bo means that no one can come up with a strategy that will allow you to scientifically predict the results. The only aspect of the game that you have control over is your wagers. What this means for you as a player is that it is important for you to learn the rules of Sic Bo, especially the types of wagers you can make, by heart. Once you truly understand the various kinds of bets and how they work, you will be in a position to develop a betting system. Your system will depend on your budget and your personality. If you are a high roller who loves taking risks, then you may choose the larger bets with higher odds, whereas a more modest gambler might want to go for smaller, surer bets.

Sic Bo Tips

DO learn the house edge for the different types of bets. It ranges from a reasonably low 2.78 percent for the Big / Small bet up to over 30 percent for a wager on a specific three of a kind, the most difficult Sic Bo bet to win. DON’T read too much into patterns – the outcome of any roll of the dice is completely random and unrelated to the results of previous throw. DO play Sic Bo for enjoyment, but DON’T expect that even the best strategy will give you a way to win consistently. DO set a spending limit in advance and stick to it.

Types of Sic Bo Bets

The most common Sic Bo bets are Big or Small, wagering that the value of the three dice will be Big (11 to 17) or Small (4 to 10). Either bet is lost if three of a kind are rolled. Odd or Even, although not available at all casinos, works identically to Big or Small, except that you are wagering that the total value will be either an odd or an even number. Other types of bets in Sic Bo include wagering that a specific number, pair or triple will be thrown, that any triple or pair will be thrown or two specific numbers will be thrown.