Progressive slots tips

Progressive slot machine games are among some of the most exciting offerings at online casinos. When you play progressive slots, you are linked to other players in a network, with a common jackpot. Every time someone in the network places a bet, part of that money will be added to the pot. The progressive jackpot will get larger and larger over time (or “progressively” – that’s where the name comes from). Eventually one player will hit the winning combination and voila! That person will suddenly become very wealthy indeed, literally within seconds. Here are some progressive slots tips for you. These simple tips will increase the chances that that lucky winner might be you.

Keep Track of the Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are something like the tide – they ebb and flow. Those gigantic jackpots can climb sky high but once someone has won, the jackpot will be reset to start again at a fairly modest amount. What you want to do is catch a jackpot that has been fattening up for a while. So keep an eye on the progressive jackpots for various slots games at your favorite casino site; very often the current amounts are displayed right on the home page. Then you’ll know when to invest your money for a potentially great payout.

Details, Details

Before starting a slot machine gaming session, make sure that you have enough cash on deposit in your casino account to cover your palnned bets. This is especially important if you are using a payment method that may take some time to process, such as a wire transfer. To have a chance at winning the big one – the progressive jackpot – you must bet the maximum number of coins each and every time. Avoid the tremendous disappointment of hitting the winning combination, only to find that you are not eligible for the progressive’s gigantic payout. And don’t forget to cash out.

A Few More Tips

Some general tips apply to online slots gaming in general, and not just to progressive play. An oldie but goodie: don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. Know when to stop. If you are ahead and have won more than your original stake, this might be the perfect time to quit for the day, or at least take a break for a while. Take advantage of casino bonuses and freebies. Online casinos don’t usually provide players with free drinks or free meals, but they do attract – and keep – customers by offering bonuses and other promotions. These can add substantially to your casino account and make up for any losses you might incur while playing.