Slot machine rules

If you have experience playing the slot machines in a land based casino, you will find that the rules of online casinos are basically the same. However, you may be a member of the new generation that “discovers” slots for the first time on your PC or mobile. Learning the rules of slot machine games ensures that you will enjoy yourself while at the same time maximizing your chances of winning. Most of the slot machine rules are quite standard. Many casinos will have special sections on How to Play, FAQs and Terms and Conditions. Here is a general overview of the rules for playing slots.

The Pay Table

Each slot machine game has a pay table that details the winning combinations and how much they pay. You may also see diagrams of pay lines and details of special features like wilds and scatters. Other important information is the direction of pay lines – whether they pay left to right or vice versa. To access the pay table, there is generally an Information or “I” button you can click right from the game. If the pay table is unclear and you can’t find answers to your questions on the casino site, contact Customer Support to resolve the issue.

Placing Your Bet

Although many casinos offer free practice games, you must be a member of the online casino and have sufficient cash on deposit in your casino account to bet on a real money slot machine game. Select the bet per line and the number of lines at the bottom of the slots game on your screen. Or you can opt for Bet Max, meaning the maximum number of pay lines. Then click Spin to finalize your bet. You may wish to Auto Play, meaning the game will spin automatically, round after round, until you stop it manually, get a win or use up all your money. You can also preset Auto Play to stop after a certain number of spins.


It is super important to understand a casino’s rules regarding payouts before you tie up a lot of cash with them. The casino may have certain minimum wagering requirements before you can withdraw from your casino account; these are required to be listed in their Terms and Conditions section. Sometimes casinos only process withdrawals on a certain day of the week or after a specific number of working days. When you sign up with a casino choose your preferred payment method carefully, because casino rules may not allow you to change it afterwards. What’s more, most casinos will process withdrawals via the same payment method that you used to deposit cash to your casino account. For example, if you deposited using a Visa credit card, your withdrawal will come in the form of a credit to your Visa account.