Slots Glossary

If you are a new player on the online slots scene, you may sometimes feel that the descriptions of slots gaming are written in a foreign language. There is so much technical terminology and slang that you’d need a dictionary to understand all the jargon. Well, here it is – a handy slots glossary for you. Just have a look at these slots terms and their definitions, and you will be able to learn the lingo in no time.

Auto Play – a game setting that will enable the slots reels to spin automatically. You can usually set this to stop after a specific number of spins. It can also be interrupted by clicking “stop.”

Bet Max – another game setting that will program your bet size to the maximum number of coins.

Bonus – an amount of money or credits added to your account by the casino as an incentive.

Bonus Feature – an in-game slots feature that allows you extra chances to win, such as free spins.

Hit – to receive a payout from a slots game.

House Edge – the “house” (casino) advantage.

Jackpot – the top prize in a slots game. There are other, smaller payouts available as well.

Pay Line – the directions in which the slots symbols can be lined up to produce a winning combination.

Payout Percentage – the percentage of winnings in relation to how much money is put in.

Pay Table – a table that indicates the payout amount for each winning combination, as well as details of bonus features.

Pokies – Australian slang meaning “slots.”

Progressive Jackpot – a jackpot that increases progressively as a network of linked players add money to slots games. Opposite of a Static Jackpot.

RBG (random number generator) – a device to generate new numbers on a completely random basis.

Reel – in online casinos, a device that simulates old fashioned land based slots, where metal drums (reels) spin at the pull of a lever to create different combinations of slots symbols.

Scatters – symbols which can appear anywhere on the reels (not in a specific pay line) to benefit you, often by triggering free spins.

Symbols – the different pictures or icons on slots reels.

Theme – the design motif for a slots game, often based on pop culture, such as superheroes, movies or hit songs.

Tournament – a competition among multiple players to achieve the highest score on one slots game within a limited time.

Wild – a symbol that can stand in for most other symbol to create a winning combination.

Wild Multiplier – a wild that, when used to help create a winning combination, will also multiply the win amount by a certain figure.

Winning Combination – a series of symbols that result in a payout to the player, according to the pay table.