Slots terminology

When you’re new to playing slots, everything about them can seem very confusing. Besides learning all kinds of rules and strategies for actually playing the game, you’ve got a whole new vocabulary to figure out. But don’t panic – slots terminology is not there to confuse you. Most of it is just a kind of verbal shorthand to talk about common slot machine game play concepts in a brief but colorful way. Here is a guide to “slots speak” to help you understand some of the most frequently used terms.

Casino Terms

When you’re looking for a good online slots casino, there are a few important things to check out. One is a comparatively low house edge – that is the average percentage of wagered amounts kept by the house, or casino – in other words, its gross profit. The flip side of the house edge is the payout percentage – the percentage of money collected that is paid out to players as winnings. Next on the list are temptingly high jackpots – the top prizes, especially progressive jackpots, which are the result of linking online slots players so that each time anyone bets on a game, part of their wager goes to boost the progressive jackpot to a potentially extremely high level. Casino bonuses are cash or other benefits offered as player incentives; there is a lot of competition among casinos to attract customers with the best bonuses.

Slots Terms

A slot machine game has a number of reels that spin when activated by a bet. A pay line is a line running through the reels which intersects with a symbol, or icon, on each reel. The game’s pay table is a list of all the different winning combinations possible, and how much they pay out. When you’re ready to bet on the game, choose the coin size (amount) and the number of pay lines you want, or simply choose bet max, if you would like to bet the maximum. Click spin to activate your bet, or auto play to spin the reels repeatedly either a set number of times or until you stop the game, there is a win or you run out of money.

Feature Terms

Games often include special features to liven up the game and increase the possible ways to win. A wild symbol can stand in for almost any other slots symbol to create a winning combination. A number of scatter symbols trigger free spins, while multipliers multiply the player’s winnings by a set amount. A bonus game is a game within the main game, with the same basic theme, which allows the player to win bonus money without placing an additional wager.