Free Spins on Titan Slots at Go Wild Casino

Titans of Sun Slots Launched This Week

New pair of slots hit Go Wild Casino and invite players to win big.

This week, the online casino software group Microgaming rolled out two new slot games to partner sites. Go Wild Casino was one of the first online casinos to celebrate the release of Titans of the Sun Theia and Titans of the Sun Hyperion and is offering players the chance to win up to 4,000 free spins on these games!

Players simply need to play the duo of online slots from now until November 1st for the chance to unlock Achievers (extra challenges added to the games) and therefore free spins.

Now's the time to get familiar with one of Microgaming's most exciting new rollouts and win literally thousands of free games in the process.

What are Slot Achievements?

Achievements are extra challenges that are added to selected slot games so that players have the chance to win even more. Besides the basic rewards offered by the slot, players are put in line to win special bonuses or free spins.

Players can unlock achievements on both new Titans of the Sun slots games and win free spins. Achievements can be unlocked by completing all the payout combinations for each symbol.

Within the game, players have the option to track their progress on the Achievements Table. As soon as a specific Achievement is unlocked, players receive a pop-up message informing them of this fact.

Achievements included in the new promotion at Go Wild Casio will reward players will specific sets of free spins.  These are King, Queeen, Horse, Phoenix, Theia, Hyperion and Scatter.

Winning Slot Combinations

The following are the achievements that need to be unlocked on specific payout combinations to win up to 4,000 free spins at Go Wild Casino this month.

Kings pays complete - 50 free spins

Horse pays complete - 100 free spins

Phoenix pays complete - 150 free spins

Hyperion pays complete - 200 free spins

Scatter pays complete - 500 free spins

All achievements unlocked - 1000 free spins