Melbourne Cup Selfie Results in Stolen Gambling Win

Facebook Photo Leads to Betting Theft

Beginner's bad luck for Chantelle who placed a $20 flutter on Prince of Penzance.

It was meant to be a thrilling day for a woman named Chantelle from Perth, who placed her very first bet on the Melbourne Cup and won hundreds of dollars, despite steep odds.

But beginner's luck turned into disappointment after Chantelle did something which many have been warned never to do: She posted a selfie of herself grinning into the camera and holding her winning betting slip.

Unfortunately for Chantelle, she was unaware that the betting slip has a bar code, which enables the winner to redeem the cash at an automated machine. The young woman went to collect her money, only to be told that it had been collected already and she was left without her $825 prize.

100-1 Melbourne Cup Odds

The story began when Chantelle decided to place the first bet of her life on Prince of Penzance, a horse with 100-1 odds at the Melbourne Cup horse race recently held.

Chantelle was ecstatic that her $20 wager on the horse turned into an $825 prize, and she decided to share the good news with her friends on Facebook.

One of these "friends” however, took advantage of Chantelle's lack of experience betting on horses in Australia, and decided to cash in by using the clearly visible barcode displayed on the selfie.

A disappointed Chantelle posted later on Facebook: "To the low life who is obviously my friend on Facebook and used my photo to claim our winnings… [censored]… you ruined my day."

Melbourne Cup Winner's Joy

Speaking to a local radio station after the incident, Chantelle said: "I'd never bet before so I went with some friends and put some money on a few different races."

"When Prince of Penzance's name came up we were stoked, we were so happy!”

"We had already been up to the guy to claim our bet and when we found we won so naturally I took a selfie to show my friends. Fifteen minutes later I went back up to the guy to collect the money, it was gone."

Western Australia TAB has said that it is confident that the betting thief will be found as it has important information regarding where and when the ticket was cashed, and surveillance footage.

TAB, in the meantime, gave Chantelle $100 for a new bet.