New Year Bonanza at InterCasino

2016 Casino Bonus on Offer

Bonus offer available until January 3rd.

As we say goodbye to what has been a very eventful year, it's time to look ahead and see how we can start off the New Year on the best foot possible.

InterCasino online casino is giving players the chance to enter 2016 with some cracking new bonuses and it's time to head on down to this site where the special offer kicks off today.

"It's the New Year Bonanza!" announces InterCasino. "Revel and cheer into the New Year with cracking bonuses!"

The New Year Bonanza special starts today - December 28th - at InterCasino and will take you through the New Year season and into 2016, ending off on January 3rd.

According to InterCasino: "As we bid farewell to a fantastic 2015, we count down the celebration with various bonuses for a prosperous New Year ahead. You're invited to join us as we raise our glasses in salute to daily bonuses bursting with New Year excitement."

"Streamers, fireworks, sparkles and bubby bonuses - all the comfort at your fingertips. It's a Happy New Year from InterCasino!"

New Year Bonus Small Print

The New Year bonus at InterCasino will be found in the bonus section of My Account at the site. The casino will award individual bonuses to players. These are aimed at enhancing game enjoyment and, naturally, the online casino has a zero tolerance policy to bonus abuse.

Players will be able to deposit and get a daily bonus based on the promo's rules in the bonus section.

The special offer is applicable to certain games - see the online casino for the full list. Different games also contribute to different percentages towards satisfying the wagering requirements.

2016 Ice Shanty Challenge

As you head into 2016, diarize January 5th as the day that theĀ Ice Shanty Challenge kicks off at InterCasino.

Travel to a secluded part of the InterCasino Bonus Winter Lake where you will be ice fishing for the next four weeks.

Daily multi bonuses could increase your stake to $5,000 each week, as you grow from a Novice to a Skilled and then an Elite and Pro player in those four weeks. Gift bonuses galore could be found dangling at the end of your ice rod. The more fish you catch, the larger your prizes!

Check out the Ice Shanty Challenge to see how each week comes with its own rewards and ways to win.

"Be prepared to be exposed to all extreme weather elements, whilst we guide you through setting up your shanty and fishing spot, to clothing, baiting, cooking and luring; until you have developed into a Pro Ice Fisherman," says InterCasino.