$40M Oz Lotto Winners Come Forward

Australian Lottery Winners Rejoice

Leongatha residents celebrate with $40m lottery winners.

A thrilled couple from Leongatha in the South Gippsland region of Australia have come forward to claim their $40 million Oz Lotto prize.

It took several days for the married duo to realize that they were holding the lottery ticket with the seven magic winning numbers from last Tuesday's Oz Lotto draw.

On Friday, they came forward to claim their division one prize which is the largest jackpot offered by Oz Lotto so far this year.

The couple said that they would share their winnings with their community, as they always said they would if luck came their way.

$40 Million Winners in Disbelief

The winning couple are still walking around in a state of disbelief as the news of their incredible fortune starts to sink in.

"It's a big shock!" said the wife. "It's incredible. Someone told us to check our ticket and it turned out that it was us all along!"

The biggest change for us after winning will be being able to retire and not being under the clock," said the husband. "It's amazing what you can do with more time to enjoy the things you love.".

Lotto Helps Community

In the meantime, the local Leongatha community is celebrating along with the Oz Lotto winners. Many of the locals work in the dairy industry which has been going through hard times.

The owner of the local news agency where the lucky ticket was purchased, Deb Watchorn said that it was not "great times" for the community, which traditionally rallies together and supports each other.

"This is a good news story," she said. "Good luck just brings a little bit of sparkle to our town. It gives them a brighter outlook.".

The couple said that they always spoke about the fact that if they should win lottery, they would share the money with the Leongatha community and other good causes.

"Now that plan has just grown a lot bigger," said the couple.