Plans for Mildura Casino Unveiled

Plans for New Australia Casino

Despite local support, Victoria government has no plans for new license.

A developer is hoping that the Victoria government will listen to local demands and issue a new license to allow the operation of new casino in Mildura.

Australia Cove Limited unveiled a proposal to develop The Mildura at a tune of $300 million, with plans to build a casino, a five star hotel and retail space.

The group believes that if enough support for the project is garnered, the Victoria government may consider the issuing of a second casino license within the state.

There is potential to create new jobs, as well as boost tourist and small businesses in Mildura, said Australia Cove Limited.

Mildura Casino Plans

The developer plans for the new project, The Mildura, to be built on the corner of Seventh Street and Langtree Avenue. It would include a convention center, a five star hotel and a boutique casino.

The hotel would include 165 rooms, a 350 basement car park and retail space.

Attempts were made in the past to build a second casino in Victoria, but none of them have been successful.

The chief executive of Australia Cove, Bob McIver said that he believed his company had the recipe for success to develop a new casino in Victoria.

"Other projects that have been mooted probably had an incorrect strategy for success," he said.

"The first project mooted here was a public-private partnership and by definition that makes it a lot harder to get through and to get people to agree on because it was going to incorporate Crown land on the river's edge."

Support for New Australia Casino

In the meantime, local authorities have called the new project "exciting" and "iconic".

The Mildura Development Corporation recognizes the hundreds of jobs (800 in construction, 800 ongoing) that the casino could provide locals.

"The flow-on effects that this project provides are massive," said Jenny Gregg of the Corporation.

Australia Cove's track record in developing similar projects was also recognized, as well as the fact that that company is not seeking government aid to advance the project.