Perth Man Celebrates $2.7m Crown Poker Win

Crown Casino Pays out $2.7m

Williams lands royal flush to beat odds of 4 in 2.6 million.

A stunned casino player from Perth, Australia beats odds of 4 in 2.6 million to win a multi million dollar payout at the poker tables at Crown Casino.

Nigel Williams, an immigrant from Zimbabwe, wagered just $10 which turned into a $2.7 million prize after he drew a Royal Flush at the casino.

William recalled in a TV interview this week how he felt after he turned over a King and 10 of diamonds, after the dealer flopped an Ace, Queen and Jack.

45 year old Williams said that when he saw the King of Diamonds, things "got surreal."

"I didn't say anything at first," said Williams. "My mind was going, 'Hang on, am I dreaming? Have I got a diamond? Is it a heart?"

"The dealer called over the pit boss and once they said, 'Right, it's official', that's when I stood up and screamed."

At this point, the winner said, he "just screamed a big African scream, like a lion."

Rebuked for Playing at Casino

Williams' wife's reaction to his win wasn't quite what he expected, however. After he managed to calm down a bit, he decided to call her to share the good news.

His wife's question, however, was "What are you doing at the casino?"

"And I said, 'Did you hear what I just said?' and she said, "but what are you doing at the casino?"

Williams, who said he won't be giving up his job after his win, is a regular leisure player at Perth's Crown Casino, and visits the property twice a week.

Crown Casino Reacts to Big Win

Crown Casino's chief operating officer, Lonnie Bossi commented on the big win, saying that the casino was thrilled for Nigel Williams.

"To have a record breaking $2.7 million won at Crown Perth is fantastic," he said. "I am so excited to see this jackpot go off in what has been an already significant period of winning here at Crown Perth."

"This year our customers have won over $9 million on table games alone."

To land a Royal Flush, players need to have a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, all of the same suit. As there are only four suits in a deck, there are only four chances to be dealt a Royal Flush.