Mega Fortune Slot Jackpot Hit Again

Norwegian Player Wins Mega Fortune Jackpot

This is the second time Mega Fortune's jackpot pays out seven digit sum in 2016.

Mega Fortune video slot game has done it again! A player from Norway is the lucky winner of a huge jackpot paid out by NetEnt's iconic slot game. The anonymous player took home €4.9 million (nearly A$ 7.4 million) after playing Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slot at the NetEnt powered online casino.

The 20-something player, who prefers to remain anonymous, decided to try some slot action before heading to bed last week. But sleep was the farthest thing from his mind after he hit the jackpot. At first, the player thought that he had won NOK 45,000, but soon it dawned on him that there were more zeroes than he originally thought, and he was, in fact, looking at a prize worth NOK 45 million (€4.9 million).

Plans for Slot Jackpot Win

The stunned player was unsure how to react at first, when he realized how much he had truly won.

"I was unsure at first if it was true, but it has gradually dawned on me how much I've won," he said.

When asked what he planned to do with his huge windfall, the player said that some of it would be spent to improve his life, but he didn't want to change much about his lifestyle.

"I'll build a house with the money, but otherwise want to just carry on as normal," he said.

Second Big Mega Fortune Win

This is the second time in 2016 that Mega Fortune has paid out a multi million dollar sum.

In January this year, a player from the United Kingdom took home €2.7 million, after he had been a member of the NetEnt online casino for just two weeks.

The 30 something year old North Yorskhire player wagered just €5 on Mega Fortune slot before winning the jackpot.

"I was shocked when I saw how much I had won, and ran downstairs to ask my dad to come and make sure I wasn't dreaming," said the player. "I was shaking when he said it was real."