Search Still On for Oz Gold Lotto Winner

Gold Lotto Jackpot Winner Urged to Come Forward

Australian lottery ticketholders encouraged to check their tickets.

Australian lottery players are being urged to properly check their tickets, after a winner from Rockhampton has still not come forward to claim his or her $800,000 prize.

According to Golden Casket, media campaigns and other attempts to track down the winner from last Saturday's Gold Lotto draw have still not borne fruit. The Division One prize was won by a player who bought the ticket in Allenstown, Rockhampton.

Because it has been a holiday season, Golden Casket spokesperson, Belinda McDougall believes that the ticket could also have been bought by someone just driving through Allenstown and who happened to stop over at the town's The Lucky Charm in Allenstown Plaza.

"We did just have a long weekend in Queensland so there's even a possibility the winner has been away maybe at the beach or camping and hasn't had a chance to check their ticket yet," she said.

Lottery Winner Unregistered

The search for the Saturday Gold Lotto ticketholder drives home the fact that regular players should register with a Winners Circle card. If your ticket is a winner in that case, you are immediately contacted by Golden Casket and the good news is reported to you.

The unregistered winner, therefore, may still be totally unaware that he or she is the lucky winner of over $800,000.

"Imagine going about your day with a Saturday Gold Lotto ticket worth more than $800,000 in your purse or wallet, or even floating around in your handbag or the center console of your car," noted McDougall.

Search Continues for Lottery Winner

Golden Casket reiterated its call for players to take note that a Division 1 prize has still gone unclaimed.

"We're encouraging Saturday Gold Lotto players who purchased an unregistered ticket in the weekend's draw from The Lucky Charm Allenstown in Allenstown Plaza to check their entry immediately because they could be a Division One winner," said the lottery.

The lottery spokeswoman also recommended that anyone who believes that they are holding the Division 1 entry ticket to "keep it in a safe place and contact Golden Casket as soon as possible… to start the prize claim process".