Syndicate Wins $55m Australian Powerball Jackpot

Qld Celebrates Massive Powerball Lottery Win

Lottery syndicate only recently set up.

Members of a Queensland Department of Education team created a syndicate only a recently, mainly because of the size of the latest Powerball jackpot.

Imagine the absolute shock and surprise of the 21 people, when they found out that they were the winners of the second biggest single-ticket Powerball payout in history.

The winners, ranging from ages 23 to 60, won the $55 million Powerball lottery jackpot on Thursday.

Many of them only found out that they were winners of their $2.6 million share after they arrived at work the next day.

The 21 are part of a 35-strong team.

The syndicate leader who, like the rest of the winners, chose to remain anonymous, said that they only recently set up the syndicate because of how high the jackpot had risen.

"We were talking in the office yesterday about what we would do if we won and now it has happened," she said. "I just can't believe it."

"Yesterday, while we were talking about what we would do if we won, one of the syndicate members very boldly said that we were going to win and now we have."

"I don't know what to say. I'm so shocked; it all seems so unreal."

Winning the Powerball Lottery

Winning such a huge amount will certainly change the life of many, if not all, of the winners.

Some have plans to retire, while others will pay off their debts and mortgages or help family members.

Of course, there are plans all round to take a dream holiday.

"I'll be able to buy a house and get my teeth fixed," said the syndicate leader. "I'll be able to afford braces!"

Tatts Group Congratulates Winners

The Tatts Group congratulated the winners of the $55 million Powerball jackpot, saying that this was the second largest single ticket win in the lottery's history.

The standing record for the largest Powerball win on a single entry was set exactly one year ago, in January 2016, when a player from Hervey Bay took home $70 million.

Statistics say that the odds of picking the winning Powerball numbers are 77 million to one.