Another Thrilled Australian Lottery Winner

$4 Million Lotto Shared Among 8 Winners

279 players have won division one lottery prizes this year so far.

A regular player of the Saturday Lotto finally saw her dream come true when she was informed that she was one of eight players to share last week's division one prize.

The shocked winner, who hails from the Gold Coast and prefers to remain anonymous, took home over $500,000 after hitting the jackpot on the Saturday Gold Coast draw.  She shared the division one prize, which saw eight lucky players from around the country share the over $4 million that was up for grabs.

The six winning numbers were 9, 12, 28, 18, 15 and 35, with supplementary numbers 1 and 44.

There were two division one winners from Queensland, three from Victoria, one in the Northern Territory and two in Western Australia.

So far, 279 players have won division one prizes this financial year across Australia.

Lotto Winner Plans for Windfall

The good news of her win was relayed to the lucky Queensland woman by Golden Casket, the official lottery agent for Queensland. According to Golden Casket, the woman burst into emotional tears when told about her win, screaming "Oh my God" over and over again.

The woman has been a regular lottery player for over 40 years and although she has won small amounts over the years, this is by far her biggest windfall.

Her immediate plans are to pay off her mortgage and then possibly retire.

"It was a definite worry to me about still having a mortgage when retiring," said the winner. "So maybe I will retire now."

Claiming Lotto Prize One Year On

While on the subject of lucky lotto winners, a man from Newcastle West became an instant millionaire - one year after the draw.

The unidentified winner won over one million dollars after finding the ticket hidden underneath old beer cartons that he used to line the bottom of his reusable Aldi shopping bags. After cleaning out his car over the weekend, the man thought it was time to put new cartons in the bottom of his bags and that is when he found the ticket. The man checked the numbers online and to his delight he saw that he was a winner.