Oz $55M Powerball Winner Finally Comes Forward

Published by David Rednapp
Published on 31 Jul 2018 by David Redknapp

Relief as Powerball Winner Collects Prize

Missing winner captured imagination of Oz lottery scene.

Since it was announced in January this year that one player scooped the entire $55 million prize in an Australian Powerball lottery draw, the case has caught the imagination of the country.

When nobody immediately came forward to claim the prize, all sorts of speculation began, ranging from the fact that the player wasn't aware of his or her win, to the fact that he or she wasn't interested in becoming rich.

However, all that speculation was put to rest after the winner came forward almost six months later to finally take home the funds.

The lucky ticket holder held off for a staggering 175 days before he decided that he had better make his win official and have Tattslotto transfer the funds into his account.

The winner chose to remain anonymous and no identifying features were published, including his age.

The prize was only days away from being transferred to Victoria's State Revenue Office, as is the norm for unclaimed lottery prizes.

Powerball Celebrates $55M Lottery Win

Powerball was on hand to confirm that the $55 million prize had finally been claimed. A spokesperson for Powerball, Bronnie Spencer said: "We're in the business of paying prizes so it's an absolute pleasure to finally deliver this muli million dollar to the rightful owner."

"It's fair to say that this is the prize that has captured the imagination of the nation during the past five months," said Spencer regarding the mystery January Powerfball draw. "Everyone has been wondering who the mystery winner is and also dreaming what they will do with the prize.

"While the prize has been claimed, the mystery continues as the reason behind the delay in coming forward has not be revealed. Nor will we know exactly how the winner's multi-million-dollar dreams have come true."

Lotto Ticket Sold in Brunswick Agency

The winning numbers of 32, 7, 5, 34, 38 and 11 came up in the Powerball draw 1130 on Thursday, January 11th. The Powerball number was 12.

The $55 million prize was Australia's highest in over a year.

The winning ticket was sold at a Brunswick news agency owned by Sam Misiano, who told the media that he was relieved that the search for the winner was finally over. He admitted that during the six months, several customers tried to  illegitimately claim the prize.

"It has been a crazy few months but now we can relax knowing it has been claimed by the rightful owner," he said.