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David Redknapp
David Redknapp - 06 May 2022 in  Blog
Andromeda Casino Refer a Friend

There are many casinos out there that provide all kinds of bonuses. Sometimes it’s free spins, sometimes it’s no deposit bonuses, and sometimes it’s something completely different. Check out the special bonus we have for you this week.

What’s the point of being on this giant rock drifting through space if you can’t share it with your favourite people? Some of us have seemingly endless amounts of friends and some of us only have one or two close friends, but what matters most is the friendship itself – getting to share the highs, as well as the lows, with the people we love. Well, it’s time you shared another high with your friends! Get yourself – and your friends - $200 for playing at Andromeda Casino. See how you and your friends can share the riches right here.

Andromeda CasinoAndromeda Casino Accepted Players from Australia Get $200 Every Time You Refer a Friend at Andromeda Casino

Friendchip Bonus

Everyone loves to get free money and most people love having friends. Andromeda Casino is letting you combine the two to get yourself free money and share it with your friends – without taking away any of the money from yourself. Andromeda isn’t the first casino to offer a Refer-a-Friend bonus and it certainly won’t be the last. However, this offer is popular for a reason: players and casinos alike love it!

Share the fun of playing at Andromeda Casino with your friends and you could all be getting your hands on that $200 bonus. So, why wait? Get your friends to sign up today and start getting your bonuses.

How to Claim Your Bonus

You know that to claim this bonus you need to refer a friend to the casino; however, you also know that by just telling your friend to join the casino you won’t receive your bonus as Andromeda won’t know that you were the reason that person joined. So, how do you go about referring a friend in a way that Andromeda will know that you referred them?

To make sure that they know you referred your friend so that the two of you can get your bonuses, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • Visit their support team in order to contact them about your referral
  • Write the name and the e-mail address of the friend you want to refer ( they need to already be signed up, otherwise the casino won’t be able to find them to make sure you followed through on your referral and so that your friend can also get their bonus)
  • After the support teams checks the name and email you provided to confirm that it is legitimate, the bonus amount will be automatically added to your and your friend’s accounts

Then, if you want to get yourself even more bonuses, just repeat the process with all of your friends that have accounts at Andromeda and keep getting that bonus. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the amount of times you can do this so get all your friends to sign up and get tons of bonuses. The more, the merrier!

Terms and Conditions

  • Players can only cash-out a maximum amount of $100
  • There is a wagering requirement of 50x
  • Players can only make a maximum bet of $10 using this bonus
  • All of Andromeda Casino’s other General and Bonus Terms and Conditions still apply

Andromeda Casino’s Other Bonuses and Promotional Offers

On top of this Refer-a-Friend offer, Andromeda Casino also has plenty of other offers that you can get. Whether you’re looking for free spins, more bonuses, cashback offers, or something to start you journey with the casino, they have it.

Check out the table below to see all the different offers you can get when you play at Andromeda Casino:

Offer Details Bonus Code
Welcome Package Get a bonus on your first five deposits. Choose from these offers:
  • 225% Match Bonus + 50 Free Spins
  • 250% Match Bonus
  • 275% Match Bonus
Crypto Welcome Pack Get something extra with your bonus on your first five deposits when depositing crypto. Choose from these offers:
  • 225% Match Bonus + 50 Free Spins + 20 Free Chips
  • 250% Match Bonus + 20 Free Chips
  • 275% Match Bonus + 20 Free Chips
High Roller Crypto Get a 10% bonus on all deposits above $200 in Crypto
Game of the Month Get 75 free spins every week on Andromeda’s Game of the Month BATTLETRIBUTE
Daily Booster Get a bonus up to 120% every day GALAXY
Saturday Special Get a 25% bonus on every third deposit on Saturdays LUCKYSPACE
Space Gift Get a 5% cashback bonus every Monday

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