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Published by David Rednapp
Published on 29 Jun 2020 by David Redknapp
Cocoa Casino Wednesday Promotion

Currently, online casinos have began rethinking their banking options which are provided to players. More and more casinos are moving towards accepting cryptocurrency. Cocoa Casino is here and is now accepting Bitcoin from all its players! What does this mean for you? It means that not only are you going to reap the benefits of gambling with Bitcoin, but also that Cocoa Casino is going to offer you all sorts of promotions for you Bitcoin lovers! Even if you don’t have Bitcoin, now is the perfect time to get some so you can have a field day with Cocoa Casino's Bitcoin Wednesdays! That’s right, every Wednesday is Bitcoin day! Come on and join in on the fun and make the most of this cyber deal straight from Cocoa Casino.

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Wednesday Is Bitcoin Day!

Cocoa Casino is allowing its players to play with Bitcoin. With this comes their weekly promotion every Wednesday for players playing with Bitcoin.

Here are their promotional offers along with how you can get your hands on them and what each of their wagering requirements are as well as the maximum cash payout:

Promotional Offer Number 1

First of all, you can redeem a 111% match on all of your Bitcoin deposits that are equal to or greater than € / £ / AU$ / $ 20 or R200 if you deposit on Wednesday. How about that?

Terms and Conditions

  1. This comes with a 28x wagering requirement
  2. You won't have a maximum cash payout to worry about

Promotional Offer Number 2

If, on Wednesday, you find yourself making 5 Bitcoin deposits – or even more – of no less than € / £ / AU$ / $ 20 then you will be receiving some great things on Thursday, the next day. This includes a courtesy cashback token valued at an amazing € / £ / AU$ / $ 70. This offer does come with it terms and conditions, however.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotional offer comes with a wagering requirement of 25x
  2. This one does have a maximum cash payout, which is € / £ / AU$ / $ 500

Promotional Offer Number 3

If you manage to make 10 Bitcoin deposits of no less than € / £ / AU$ / $ 20, or more on Wednesday then you will receive even greater bonuses on Thursday, the very next day! This includes a whopping € / £ / AU$ / $ 200 courtesy cashback token.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The wagering requirements for this offer is 25x
  2. It also has a maximum cash payout of €1,000

General Terms and Conditions

  1. The courtesy cashback token, that will be awarded to players for some of these promotional offers, will automatically be placed into the cashier on Thursday
  2. Players will be able to get these tokens in the early hours of the morning according to Eastern Time in the United States of America.
  3. All players that are eligible for these awards will receive an email to confirm when the reward is added and they can receive them

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin When Gambling

Privacy is a big advantage for online gamblers when it comes to playing at Bitcoin Casinos. Because this method of transaction does not have to go through a third party, many gamblers are searching for casinos that specifically accept Bitcoin. This "no third party" business also means you won't experience the charges that you usually face when using a credit card. Anonymity is one of the most important benefits to a lot of online gamblers.

Deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous. Deposits have always been instant or relatively instant, however, many players have to wait days at a time in order for their withdrawal to be processed and received. That can be a pain to those players who need or want the money at that moment. That being said, even if you can or don’t really mind waiting for a few days, why would you want to? If you have an option to get your money instantly, why spend time waiting?

There is also that fact that Bitcoin’s value is quite fluid. Now this can also be a bad thing, but for the purposes of this segment, let’s focus on why that’s a good thing. This means that if there’s a promotion like this one, where you need a minimum deposit valued at € / £ / AU$ / $ 20, the amount of Bitcoin needed could change drastically. Who knows? Maybe next Wednesday it will require a lot less Bitcoin in order to meet those requirements.

Now, there’s also this huge advantage that directly relates to Cocoa Casino's promotion. That’s right; it's all the promotions that you can only take advantage of if you have Bitcoin! If you don’t have Bitcoin or don’t use Bitcoin for gambling then you can’t make use of awesome Bitcoin-only promotions, like Cocoa Casino’s. Do you really want to miss out on all these great promotions from all these great casinos just because you don’t gamble with Bitcoin?

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