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David Redknapp
David Redknapp - 22 August 2021 in  Blog
LotaPlay Casino Weekly Promotion

We love seeing new online casinos turn up the heat in terms of their promotions! While we love a good free spins bonus, it's nice to see new rewards come to light.

Every single week from Thursday to Wednesday, you can join in the fun at LotaPlay Casino. They are offering players – like you – the chance to walk away with your share of $2,000 every week. All you have to do is play at their casino. Go ahead and start winning on some of their best games whilst bringing yourself closer to winning big.

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Compete for $2,000 Every Week

LotaPlay Casino has a big prize pool of $2,000 every week that you can get your hands on. Play any of your favourite casino games to participate. Doesn’t matter if you want to play a video slot, table game, video poker, or even live casino. Games of all these different types count towards getting yourself climbing up that leaderboard – just make sure to check that it is a participating game.

If you don’t manage to win big one week – or even at all – then you can always step up your game the following week and make sure that time, you get the gold.

How You Can Climb Up the Leaderboard

It’s not really hard for you to start climbing up the leaderboard and making your way to the top. In the end, it all just really boils down to playing at their casino. There isn’t really any more you have to do.

So, let’s break it down into a few easy steps for you:

  • This first step only applies if you don’t already have an account with them. This step being: complete their short registration form to create an account
  • After that – or, if you already have an account – start playing their casino games and get yourself some points with every single bet you make
  • Make sure to keep checking on that leaderboard so you know where you stand and what more you need to do to keep climbing!

And, with that, you should be well on your way to reaching the top of the leaderboard and getting your prize. But, what is that prize? Well, why don’t we find out?

What You Can Win

Well, we all know that the big number in the heading says “$2,000”, however, you don’t know how that $2,000 is going to be spilt amongst 100 players. Well, maybe you do, but this section is for those who don’t actually know what place will get them what.

So, without further ado, let’s break down how this grand prize will be spilt up each week:

1st If you get the most points, you will be awarded with $300
2nd For second place, you will receive $150
3rd Third place will get you $100
4th Now, going down in tens, fourth place will get you $90
5th Fifth place will earn you $80
6th Sixth will get $70
7th In seventh, you will get $60
8th In eighth, you will receive $50
9th Ninth place will get you $40
10th And tenth place will get you $30
11th-20th After that, the prize amounts will be fairly consistent – starting with 11th to 20th place getting you $25
21st-30th Then, if you place 21st to 30th, you will get $20
31st-40th Placing 31st to 40th will result in you getting $15
41st-50th 41st place to 50th place will get you$10
51st-70th From 51st place to 70th place, you will get $8
71st-90th If you place 71st to 90th, you will see yourself getting $6
91st-100th And, finally, if you place anywhere from 91st to 100th, you will only be getting yourself $5

And, there you have it! All the different prizes that you stand to win by competing in this tournament. It’s time to get out there and start winning!

Terms and Conditions

  1. This tournament takes place weekly and runs for 7 days. It starts at 00:01 UTC on Thursdays and ends at 23:59 UTC on Wednesdays
  2. The top 100 players will be paid in wager-free real money on the day following the end of the tournament. This will usually be around 09:00 UTC on that day
  3. The leaderboard points that a player has is equal to the total real money they have staked during the promotional period. This will be in EUR. Any wagers made with bonus money will not count towards this promotion
  4. If a player’s account is closed at the time the promotion ends, they will not be eligible to be paid
  5. LotaPlay Casino reserves the right to review any and all transactions and logs in order to investigate if a certain customer’s participation is, indeed, fair. If the casino finds that a player has exploited a promotion in a way that they deem is abusive of the promotion, that player will be removed from the promotion and their possible winnings will also be confiscated
  6. LotaPlay Casino reserves the right to make any edits to or cancel this promotion at any time
  7. All of LotaPlay Casino’s General Terms and Conditions still apply

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