Online Craps

Anyone who has visited a land-based casino knows that the loudest and most lively area in the casino is the craps table. The game is equally popular at online casinos and there are quite a few of them where Australian players can try their luck at this fun gambling game.

Craps looks complicated but it's really easy to get the hang of. The different bets types and the game rules may seem intimidating at first, but the beauty of playing online is that you can learn as you go at low stakes.

Craps Casinos

Top Craps Casinos for Australian Players

Craps is a lot of fun to play despite the multiple bets that you can place at the same time and the terms used to identify different stages of play. Our team has put together a list of the top craps casinos for Australian players.

The casinos on our list bring to you craps games from some of the best casino software providers in the business. All you have to do is go through our list, pick a casino that you like and use the fantastic bonuses available to play craps from your favourite casino software providers.

Craps Basics and How It Works at an Online Casino

Craps is a game of chance; you cannot predict where the dice is going to fall. The game is fairly simple and easy to play once you get past the initial confusion of the bets and the rules. The game is played on a special table that has spots highlighted for placing the different bets that the game comes with. Each player at the craps table takes turns to shoot the dice - that is where the term 'shooting craps' comes from - and is called the Shooter.

There craps games available at casinos traditionally include:

Casino craps
Bank craps
Las Vegas-style craps

At an online casino the single player is the 'shooter'. The shooter first places bets on the outcome of a throw of the dice. The shooter places one of two possible bets - Pass Line bet or Don't Pass bet - at the start of the game. The Pass Line bet allows you bet with the shooter while the Don't Pass bet is a bet against the shooter.

Both the Pass Line and Don't Pass bets work well for players as they come with a relatively low house edge - less than 1.5% - compared to some of the other bets you come across in the game. Of course there are a number of other bets that you can place, which we will briefly discuss later.

All the bets in craps are against the house, making it a good choice for players to try out. The game was initially available at land-based casinos and has now made the transition to become a popular game even at online casinos accepting Australian players.

Once the bets are placed the shooter hits the Roll or Quick Roll button to throw the dice. This first throw of the dice is called the Come Out roll. You wager on the possible total value of the two dice once they land. You can also wager on the exact number combinations that make up the total value: for instance an 8 value could be 4-4, 5-3 or 2-6.

All Pass Line bets win if the total of the two dice is a 7 or 11 on the come out roll. A total of 2 or 12 causes all Pass Line bets to lose. If the total value is any other number then the number that is rolled out is referred to as a Point. In such a situation the shooter needs to roll the Point before rolling out a 7. The Pass Line bets win even money if he manages to roll a Point again. If the shooter rolls a 7 before a Point all Pass Line bets lose.

Bet Types in Craps

The most commonly used crap bets are the Pass Line and Don't Pass bets. There are a number of other bets that you can place. We briefly list out all these bets for you below:

Pass Line bet

This is the most common bet placed in craps. This bet is with the shooter. It wins you money if the Come Out roll is a Natural. You lose with this bet if the Come Out roll results in craps. The shooter could set a Point on the Come Out roll and then if he sets Point again all Pass Line bets win. However if the second roll results in a 7 all Pass Line bets lose.

Don't Pass bet

This is a bet against the shooter and is the opposite of the Pass Line bet. You win if the initial roll's result is a craps and lose if it is a natural. On the second throw if he is able to roll a Point again the bet loses. However, the bet wins if on the second throw he rolls a 7 before rolling the Point again.

Come bet

The Come bet is just like the Pass Line bet but for one basic difference: this bet is for the rolls after the Come Out roll. The way the bet otherwise plays is just like the Pass Line bet.

Don't Come bet

This bet is just like the Don't Pass bet except that it works on the subsequent rolls post the Come Out Roll. It is the exact opposite of the Come bet. A natural loses while a Craps wins. Rolling a 7 before rolling Point wins while re-rolling the Point loses.

Place bets

Place bets are different in that you are able to bet on any of the Point numbers at any time. You win if the number you bet on lands before a 7. You lose if the 7 is rolled earlier. The odds are different compared to a Pass Line bet. Also, Place bets have a higher house edge than a Pass Line bet.

Buy bets

Buy bets are like the Place bets except that the odds are different: the odds are higher on Points 4 to 10. Place bets offer better odds on Points 6 or 8.

Hard Way bets

Hard Way bets are specific bets that allow you to place wagers on the possibility of a pair of numbers being rolled before a 7. Another possibility that the Hard Way bets cover is the likelihood of a certain landing only a certain way: for instance, a Hard Way bet on '6 the hard way' means that the combination of 3-3 will land before any other combination of 6 and before a 7.

Field bets

A Field bet wins if the immediate next roll results in a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. For most winning numbers this bet pays even money. The bet come with a high house edge, however, possibly the highest of all the different bets.

Proposition bets

Also called Prop bets, they let you bet on different possible dice combinations. With this bet you can also wager on whether the next roll will be a 7 or craps.

Craps Odds

One thing that you should definitely know about before you play craps are the odds associated with the different bets that you can place. All gambling games have the odds stacked in favour of the house because for the operator it is business after all. Casinos add their conditions to the payout to ensure that the odds are in its favour and it wins more than it loses

The different bets in craps too have their own odds attached to them. Knowing the odds allows you to choose your bets wisely so that you can play longer without going bust.

We list for you here the odds associated with the different bets in craps:

Pass bet: 1.41%
Don't Pass bet: 1.36%
Come bets: 1.41%
Any Craps: 11.11%
Any Seven: 16.67%
Field bet: 2.78%

Place bets: The odds vary for the different Place bets:

6/8: 1.52%
5/9: 4.00%
4/10: 6.67%

Hard Way bets: The odds vary for the different numbers:

6/8: 9.09%

One more important factor to keep in mind, directly related to the odds, is the house edge. This is the ratio of the average net loss that a player suffers to his total bet size. The house edge literally gives the house or casino the edge over the player and enables them to score off his play.

It is therefore vital that you study the different bets available, the odds for each bet and also the house edge. That will give you an idea of which are the bets that you can place depending on the kind of player you are. For instance a bet with high odds will cost you more but will come with a higher payout compared to a bet with low odds.

Basic Tips to Play Craps

Craps is a game of chance in that you cannot literally predict the number that will be thrown up once you roll the dice. However, there are a few tips that can help you up your game sufficiently and prevent you from losing consistently.

We list some of these tips for you below.

Study the rules thoroughly
he rules are important for every game because they define how the game plays out. Especially in a game like craps, which can seem quite confusing, knowing the rules thoroughly is vital.

Choose the right casino
Choosing the right casino is important because it will give you access to some cool bonuses that you can use to extend your game play and win more at craps.

Play in free play mode first
Once you know the rules it is important to have a few practice games under your belt before you commit to real money play. The best way of doing this is at an online casino, using the free play mode. Once you open an account and opt to play in this mode you can play as many games as you want without spending any money. Of course you will not win any real money in this mode but that is okay given that the objective is to hone your game.

Work with low house edge bets
Learn about all the bets in detail, especially the house edge and odds. Place bets with low house edge as that improves your odds of winning. Games with high odds are cool because they will give you bigger payouts, but they will also give higher odds to the casino. Sometimes it may be better to win smaller amounts consistently than look for that big win. When the big win doesn't materialize there will only be disappointment and frustration.

Use good strategy
While craps is a game of chance and strategy cannot definitely determine the outcome of a dice roll, there are a few things you can do right. One of them is choosing the right bet to place, based completely on the kind of player you are.

A good strategy to use is to start with a Pass Line bet and continue using only that bet for every roll until the shooter sets a point. Then, add a Single Odds bet next to the first Pass Line bet you placed.

Another good strategy is to use progressive betting. The logic is simple: raise your bet when you win and reduce it when you lose.

Set a proper budget
Ensure that you have the right budget in place and stick to it. Bankroll management is crucial when you are gambling and sticking to what you originally came with is the safest bet. That way you do not run the risk of overshooting your budget, losing more and then getting into debt.