Best VPNs for Australian Online Casinos

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VPN's are fast becoming the de facto method for accessing Australian real money casinos. In countries that do not have a regulated online gambling market or countries where online gambling has been outlawed, players have taken to using a VPN to access offshore regulated casinos to get their gambling fix.

  1. What are VPNs?
  2. What factors should Australian online casino players consider while selecting VPNs?
  3. Which are the best Australian VPNs?

What are VPNs?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. It is not a stand-alone network, but is a private network that employs parts of a public network, like the Internet, in order to establish remote communication between two or more users. For example, a VPN can be used by a player to communicate with an AU online casino. VPNs cannot be free of the larger public networks for reasons of convenience and cost. Since part of the overall system is under the control of the VPN service provider, several advantages accrue that are important for online casino players.

Security: The information transmitted through the VPN is additionally encrypted and is therefore more secure against hijacking. This is important when making deposits to and withdrawals from online casinos.

Anonymity: The VPN replaces the player’s IP address with that of its own server. Even the online casino cannot trace your true location. It assumes that you are in the location of the VPN server and in this way you can overcome the geo-restrictions imposed.

Privacy: Similarly, your Internet Service Provider can trace you only till the VPN server and not beyond. It cannot block you from accessing any online casinos that may be banned by the government of your country.

These advantages are important to Australian players because the legality of online gambling is in a flux. There is no state regulation and some offshore online casinos do not provide services in Australia. Using VPNs players can conveniently gamble at online casinos of their choice.

What factors should Australian online casino players consider while selecting VPNs?

  • Free versus paid service: There is nothing like a free lunch. There are bound to be hidden costs in “free” VPN services. The charges are usually affordable so signing up with a paid service should not be a problem. The best AU VPN providers offer a money-back trial period.
  • Currency: Anonymity is one of the reasons for using VPNs. If you pay in Australian dollars then transactions will be routed through banking or credit card channels and anonymity will be lost to some extent. It is best to use a VPN that accepts cryptocurrencies.
  • Location of the VPN: If the server of the VPN is located in Australia then the online casinos will treat you as residing in Australia. This again undermines your opting for a VPN. You should select a VPN whose server is not located in Australia, but as close as possible so that connectivity does not become an issue.
  • Technical pameters: Online casino gaming consumes data. You should select a VPN with larger bandwidth and faster speed. If you intend to go casino hopping then a VPN with servers in many countries is advisable. Mobile gaming is rapidly growing in Australia. Check if the VPN supports mobile platforms in its basic package. The VPN should possess browser extension so that you do not have to download and install the VPN software.

Which are the best Australian VPNs?






How to Join a VPN

The procedure would vary slightly with the selected VPN, but the basic steps will be as follows.

  1. Click Add a Connection from your desktop’s network settings or your smartphone's security settings.
  2. Select the VPN option.
  3. Enter the VPN server address and your VPN username and any other information required.
  4. You are ready to go.
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