Fastest Payout Casinos For Australians June 2021

With thousands of competing casino sites, you know that first class online casinos are not just about a flashy appearance and a high entertainment factor. You play at these sites to make money, and when you’ve accumulated a nice sum of cash in your casino account, you want to be able to withdraw it quickly and with a minimum of hassle.

You wouldn't like it if you enthusiastically signed up with this fancy-looking online casino with a great spread of games and promotions, won a good amount and then had to wait for an eternity for your winnings to reach you. And that after you had dutifully fulfilled all the terms and conditions, including the wagering requirements, attached to the games you played.

It is our endeavour to help you find casinos that come with the fastest payouts, and bring you up to speed with what to expect when it comes to using various withdrawal methods.

Fastest Payout Casinos for Australian Players

Players Allowed
  • $1000 + 100 Spins
  • Use Code: WELCOME
  • Wager: 60x
Players Allowed
  • $7500 + 100 Spins
  • No code required
  • Wager: 50x
Players Allowed
  • $6000 + 200 Spins
  • No code required
  • Wager: 50x
Players Allowed
  • $5000 + 75 Spins
  • No code required
  • Wager: No Information
Players Allowed
  • $300 + 200 Spins
  • Use Code: WOO
  • Wager: 40x
Players Allowed
  • $3390
  • Use Code: 339LUCK
  • Wager: 30x
Players Allowed
  • $200 + 100 Spins
  • No code required
  • Wager: 40x
Players Allowed
  • $1900
  • No code required
  • Wager: 30x
Players Allowed
  • $1500 + 150 Spins
  • Use Code: FIRSTDEP
  • Wager: 50x
Players Allowed
  • $3000 + 33 Spins
  • Use Code: TRUE200
  • Wager: 60x

Fastest Payout FAQs

There are a number of withdrawal methods available at online casinos. The ones that offer the fastest payouts to Australian players include credit e-wallets like NeoSurf and PayID and also Bitcoin.

The size of the payout doesn't impact the time taken for withdrawal once the payment is approved. However, do bear in mind that the approval process itself will usually be longer than usual because of the need for additional documents to verify proof of identity of the person making the withdrawal request.

The amount of time taken for withdrawal after approval of the withdrawal request depends on the payment method chosen. Bitcoins enable instant withdrawal, while e-wallets like NeoSurf and EZeeWallet and others can take up to 24 hours and sometimes, even longer.

This is usually left to the discretion of the online casino. Most of them require players to use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. However, if a deposit method is not available for withdrawal, the casino may opt for an alternate method, like a check, for instance.

The withdrawal process at an online casino is simple:

  1. Visit the cashier and click the Withdrawal tab.
  2. A new screen appears. The withdrawal method is already ticked if it is the same method you want as the deposit method. In case that method is not available, there are other potential methods listed for you to choose.
  3. Click the withdrawal method to use and enter the amount to be withdrawn.
  4. Provide any personal information and other KYCs that the casino asks for.
  5. Click the relevant button to complete the transaction. Once the withdrawal is approved the money reaches you within the timeframe mentioned.

Why Payouts Usually Take Time at Online Casinos

All online casinos players like nothing better than receiving their payouts fast. This is one area where land-based casinos score over online casinos. At a land-based casino you play your game, take your chips to the cashier and cashout your winnings immediately. You get to go home with your money. At an online casino, because of the remote nature of gaming this doesn't happen.

Deposits are usually instant at online casinos: you choose the deposit method, enter the amount you want to deposit, provide the necessary details and click Submit. The money gets deposited into your casino account instantly; it is as simple as that. However, when it comes to withdrawals casinos usually take longer.

The delay in withdrawals reaching you could be because of genuine reasons, like a thorough verification process prior to approval of withdrawal to ensure the money reaches the right person. You are required to provide additional information to verify your identity. Once the withdrawal is approved and the money leaves your account, the deposit method you choose has its own time frame for completing the transfer of funds.

Some casinos with a dubious reputation may cause delays in withdrawals to hold on to your money for as long as possible. There are different ways they can do this, including by:

  • Keeping asking you for personal information in bits.
  • Telling you that you have not provided adequate information to trigger the withdrawal process.
  • Offering sloppy customer support that does a terrible job of responding to your queries and requests.
  • Not responding to your e-mails or any other forms of contact you may have tried to initiate with the casino.

How Do You Ensure Fast Payouts?

Since the withdrawal would be initiated at the casino there is not really much you can do to cajole it into speeding up the process. One way you can exercise some degree of control over the speed of withdrawal is by choosing a payment method that ensures fast withdrawal. That way, even though you may not have any control of the payout speed while the request is in process, you know that once it is approved the payment method will get the money to you fast.

The following are some of the payment methods that ensure speedy and hassle-free payments:

Credit Cards

At all the real money online casinos that we have listed out for Australian players, you can make payments using a credit cards. Credit card payments are very popular as deposits are fast and almost everyone playing at a popular Australian online casino is likely to have a credit card. The following are the most commonly used credit cards at these casinos.


This is one of the most popular credit cards globally, with people in more than 200 countries using it. It was launched back in 1966 and positioned against the BankAmericard, a credit card that later became Visa. Until 1979 MasterCard was called Master Charge or Interbank.

You get a superb range of credit cards from MasterCard including, among others:

  • World Elite MasterCard
  • Platinum MasterCard
  • Gold MasterCard
  • Regular or Standard MasterCard


Visa has in its product portfolio one of the most commonly used credit cards today, the Visa credit card.

There are a range of products from Visa including:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Virtual cards

The company was earlier known as BankAmericard. It was later rebranded Visa and is today used by people from across the world. The numbers speak for themselves: every day across the world there are more than 30 million Visa transactions. A Visa credit card is completely secure and therefore totally popular among players. Another big benefit is the ability to conduct cashless transactions with cards from this company.

American Express

American Express or Amex is a big name in the credit card payments domain. The company has rich history behind it: it was founded in 1845 and the first name change came in 1868 when the company was renamed American Merchants Union Express Company, which was finally shortened to Amex in 1873.

American Express or Amex is huge globally in terms of facilitating credit card-based payments as borne out by the following numbers:

  • $2.7 billion in net income annually
  • $181 billion worth of total assets globally
  • $1.1 trillion worth of billed businesses worldwide

There are 4 categories of cards from Amex and a total of 12 different card across these categories. These are the personal cards, corporate cards, small business cards and travel cards - the last one are prepaid cards.

Direct Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfer is a popular payment method available at online casinos accepting Australian players. It is also called instant bank transfer or bank wire transfer. The money gets transferred directly from a player's bank account into his casino account; there is no third party involved. The money is transferred electronically and players get the added benefit of a completely secure environment as the transactions are protected by the strong security technology and protocols that the banks use.

Pre-Paid Cards

A very secure payment method that you find in a number of online casinos for Australian players is the prepaid card. This is a popular method because there is no e-wallet to sign up with or bank account to give your casino access to, with or without a third party vendor. You just buy a prepaid voucher - you can buy it in your neighbourhood retail store as well as online - and enter the 16-digit code that is on the voucher: an amount corresponding to the value of the voucher is deposited into your account.

There are different prepaid cards used at online casinos across the world, with one of the most popular being PaySafeCard. At Australian online casinos a very popular prepaid card is Neosurf.



Neosurf is a popular payment method available for Australian online casino fans to use. This is a prepaid voucher that you can use to make deposits into your online casino account. You cannot use Neosurf to withdraw funds from your online casino account. There is no fee for using Neosurf to make deposits.

This payment method is very reliable and secure as there is no chance of the casino or anyone getting access to your banking information with this method. You simply buy the Neosurf voucher - using cash, credit card or debit card - and enter the code on it in the space provided at the casino's website. The value of the voucher is what gets deposited into your casino account - usually between AUD10 and AUD100. So if you bought a Neosurf voucher worth AUD20 that is the amount that will get deposited into your account when you use the card to deposit funds.

Neosurf has been around for 14 years now; it was established in 2004 and is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.



Another popular payment method available for Australian online casino fans to use is UPayCard. This is a completely secure payment method that guarantees instant deposits into your casino account. There is a fee involved for using it but it is very much on par with what other providers charge. Another big advantage is that you can transact in multiple currencies using this payment method.

To use UPayCard you have to register with them first. There is no registration fee and once you register with them there are different products that you can choose from to make your deposit including a prepaid card, an e-wallet and crypto wallets. With the prepaid card you can only deposit funds - withdrawals are not possible. However, with the other 2 products you can deposit as well as withdraw.

This payment method is owned by Moorwand Ltd. and is authorised and regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.


Bitcoin is considered by many as the most efficient, effective and speedy withdrawal method. This is a decentralised virtual currency that is not regulated by any financial institutions or governments.

It is rapidly becoming popular because of the multiple benefits it brings players:

  • Complete transaction anonymity
  • High speed transfers for both deposits and withdrawals
  • Low transaction fees
  • Zero regulation by government and financial authorities

Bitcoin Cash

We have already discussed briefly about the Bitcoin and the reasons for its popularity among online casino players looking for secure and speedy payments and withdrawals. The Bitcoin is just one form of cryptocurrency that you find today; there are many others and one of the more popular ones that you see being accepted at the top Australia-friendly online casinos on our list is Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is virtual money and is based on a blockchain. The advantages that Bitcoin Cash offers are more or less the same as what Bitcoin does. Bitcoin Cash emerged because of the high price point for Bitcoin-based transactions in 2017 owing to the sudden surge in popularity that this cryptocurrency enjoyed that year.

What is a Standard Withdrawal Timeframe?

The standard withdrawal timeframe at casinos should not be over 72 hours since the withdrawal request is received. The time, as you can see, is more than the time frame for deposits.

This is because of an elaborate process that the casino has in place to confirm that:

  • The money is reaching the right person
  • There is no instance of fraud

A standard withdrawal request takes 48-72 hours for most casinos to process. Once the withdrawal is processed the transaction process speeds up and the amount of time taken depends on the payment method used. For instance with Bitcoins withdrawal may be instant upon approval, while for EZeeWallet and NeoSurf it may take 24 hours.

Any processing period of over 48-72 hours needs to be seriously looked at, simply because it should NOT take that much time.

Methods Offering the Quickest Payouts for Australian Players

All the payment methods discussed above offer quick payouts for Australian players. However, the 2 that are considered the quickest are NeoSurf and EZeeWallet. They are easily available to players from Australian, apart from Europe.

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