Australian Online Casinos Banking Methods May 2022

If you search online, you'll find a lot of misinformation about what banking methods Australians can use at online casinos. Here at CasinoShortlist we bring you the facts. Scroll through our list to discover which banking methods are available to you, how to use them and what costs and fees may be incurred depending on your preferred choice.

Our experts are here to walk you through and help you make a well-considered decision. We prioritise the safety and security of our players, and therefore never recommend any type of banking method that may be unsafe or land our players in a jeopardising situation. If you have any questions regarding deposits and withdrawals at Australian online casinos, please check out our frequently asked questions below.

Australian Banking Methods Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yes, you can trust an online casino with your credit card details, providing that you sign up to an online casino that has been thoroughly evaluated. Here at CasinoShortlist, all of our featured online casinos have passed an extensive evaluation by one of our industry professionals, all of whom have decades of experience within the industry.

Making a deposit at an online casino is very easy. After you sign up, go to the casino's 'cashier' section, select the banking method you want to use and enter the amount you want to deposit. For more information, check out our section on How to Make a Deposit at an Australian Online Casino.

Australians have a wide variety of banking methods available to them, including credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and cryptocurrency. For more information on the specific platforms available, check out our section on A Comprehensive List of Available Banking Methods in Australia.

The safety and security of your funds does not depend on the banking method you use, but the measures put in place at the casino you transfer funds to. Here at CasinoShortlist we only feature online casinos that have passed our extensive evaluation. This allows us to ensure that all of the casinos we feature are 100% safe and secure.

Deposits are likely to be processed instantly, depending on the method you use. Unlike withdrawals, deposits do not have an extended 'processing period'. For more information, check out our section on How Long Does it Take to Deposit.

Deposits are likely to be processed instantly. Withdrawals, on the other hand, are subject to processing periods (a verification process which ensures that your money goes to the right person). E-wallets are considered to be the fastest withdrawal method, sometimes taking as little as 24 hours to process your withdrawal.

For more information, check out our section on How Long Does it Take to Withdraw.

Not necessarily. While credit and debit cards are popular ways of transfering funds, they are not the only method. Many players use other methods, such as prepaid cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. For more information on which platforms are available to transfer funds, please check out our section on A Comprehensive List of Available Banking Methods in Australia.

Yes, there are limits on deposit and withdrawal amounts, but this differs from casino to casino. Often these amounts are more than what's necessary for most players on a regular budget. For players with a sizable budget, you should check out the many high roller casinos featured on our site, where you'll find high deposit and withdrawal limits to suit your needs.

Yes, you can use the same banking methods to make deposits and withdrawals. In fact, this is the norm. Only in exceptional circumstances will you be able to use alternate methods for making deposits and withdrawals, which is why it's essential you decide on your favourite banking method before you choose to play.

This depends on the casino's policy. Most online casinos' withdrawal policies can be summarised by one of the three following descriptions:

  • You are not allowed to reverse a withdrawal whatsoever. Once you request a withdrawal your decision is final until you receive it. Only then will you be allowed to re-deposit your funds.
  • Yes, you can reverse the withdrawal, providing that the withdrawal has not been fully executed by the casino. Your funds will then be placed back into your account.
  • Yes, you can reverse your withdrawal even if your withdrawal has been executed and even if it is currently being processed by a third-party payment provider. This is what's called a 'manual flush.' Your casino will return your funds immediately to your account.

A Comprehensive List of Available Banking Methods in Australia


MasterCard & VISA

One of the most accessible and popular forms of banking methods available. Most online casinos in Australia give you the option to use your card from either provider. Unlike many other transaction methods, MasterCard and VISA do not require you to create an account with a platform. All you have to do is enter your card details.



If you're reluctant to make deposits using your credit or debit card, NeoSurf may be the banking method for you. NeoSurf is a pre-paid card that allows you to purchase vouchers online. You do not need to register an account, and the transaction method allows you to maintain complete anonymity for none of your personal details are linked to your purchase.



UPayCard is one of the premium e-wallets available to Australian players. Available for deposits and withdrawals, this transaction method is available in multiple currencies, deposits instantly, and it is highly regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. To get started with UPayCard, you must first create an online account.



As the world's leading cryptocurrency, it's no surprise that Bitcoin has been introduced to online casinos. The real advantage of using Bitcoin is that it offers among the fastest payout times and the lowest transaction fees. You can use Bitcoin with almost complete anonymity.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer

Making deposits and withdrawals using Wire Transfer has been possible since the very first online casinos. Wire Transfers are the ideal type of transaction method for high rollers, as it allows you to send and receive large amounts. The only downside with using Wire Transfers is that they are subject to relatively long delays and additional charges.



PayID is a relatively new and innovative way to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. This banking method takes away the requirements of sharing your bank details or personal information by replacing this former necessity with a unique sequence of numbers and letters that you get to decide on (many users like to use their email address or mobile number). Once you confirm that this is your PayID your funds will be transferred instantly.



EZeeWallet is a type of e-wallet platform that is growing in popularity. This e-wallet can be used for both deposits and withdrawals, and they don't charge any additional fees. In terms of safety and security, EZeeWallet is a great option because you don't need to provide the casino with any of your personal details. Additionally, it is also available on both desktop and mobile devices!



Litecoin is a cryptocurrency developed in 2009. While it is not as famous as Bitcoin, Litecoin is known to have faster transaction times, while also retaining the benefit of being without transaction fees. It is also simple to use, with all transactions being made directly from your Litecoin wallet. The casinos offering Litecoin as a payment method are few but rapidly growing.

Types of Online Casino Banking Methods

Since the rise of online casinos, there has been a multiplication of the many different methods offered to transfer funds.

We'll provide you with a list and definition of each type of banking method available, so you can pick and choose which is most appropriate for you:

  • Credit and Debit Cards - A card directly linked to your bank account that allows you to transfer funds to your online casino. All you have to do is enter your card details and the money will be transferred instantly with little to no hassle.
  • E-Wallets - A 'digital wallet' that acts as an intermediary between your bank account and your online casino. You add funds to your e-wallet after connecting it to your bank account and then transfer these funds to the online casino.
  • Cryptocurrency - A digital currency that holds its own intrinsic value. Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, can be used at online casinos and its value is determined by speculators similar to stocks and shares.
  • Pre-paid Cards - A type of card that you can 'top up' with funds using vouchers. It does not need to be directly linked to your bank account, nor do you need to provide many personal details.
  • Bank Wire Transfer - A reliable and safe way of transferring funds from your bank account directly to an online casino. This type of banking method generally comes with slower processing speeds and additional charges.

Depositing at an Australian online casino is quick and easy. Aussies have a wide variety of popular banking methods to choose from, as the table below illustrates:

Transaction Method Can I Make Deposits?
MasterCard Yes
NeoSurf Yes
UPayCard Yes
Bitcoin Yes
Wire Transfer Yes

How to Make a Deposit at an Australian Online Casino

Making deposits at an online casino is quick and easy. You can use the same method to make deposits at nearly every online casino.

If you're new to making deposits at an online casino, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up to the casino.
  2. Visit the cashier or banking section of the casino.
  3. Select the payment method and enter the amount you want to deposit.
  4. You will be redirected to the website of the payment method you choose. Fill in the form provided with your real details.
  5. Click 'Submit' to complete the transaction. Your funds should be deposited into your casino account immediately.

How Long Does it Take to Deposit?

Deposit Method Typical Payout Times
Credit & Debit CardsInstant
Bank Wire Transfer1-7 days

Top Tip: The only payment methods that may not allow for instant deposits are checks and bank transfers. All other deposit methods should be instant.

When it comes to making a withdrawal, Australian players are slightly more limited than they are making a deposit.

Here are the most popular withdrawal methods available to use at Australian online casinos:

Transaction Method Can I Make Withdrawals?
MasterCard Yes
NeoSurf No
UPayCard No
Bitcoin Yes
Wire Transfer Yes

Top Tip: Some payment processors do not allow larger withdrawals than deposits being made, this varies from casino to casino. (with credit cards).

How to Make a Withdrawal at an Australian Online Casino

Making withdrawals at online casinos is just as easy as making a deposit (though rarely quite as quick, which we will go over below).

To make a withdrawal, simply follow our step by step guide below:

  1. Visit the cashier or banking section of your casino.
  2. Select the payment method and enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  3. Wait for your withdrawal to be processed.
  4. Your funds should have been successfully withdrawn within 2-7 days, depending on the withdrawal method you use.

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw?

Withdrawal Method Typical Payout Times
Credit & Debit Cards2-8 days
E-Wallets1-2 days
Bank Wire Transfer1-3 days (after approval)

Why Do Withdrawals Take Longer Than Deposits?

As we have already noted, withdrawals tend to take longer than deposits. This is essential. Withdrawals take longer because the casino and your provider have to ensure that the money is going to the right person.

Here's what is happening behind the scenes every time you make a withdrawal:

  1. Your withdrawal request is accepted by the casino.
  2. The casino initiates a 24-48 hour lag period as it notifies you of the pending withdrawal.
  3. After the expiration of the lag period, your withdrawal is processed and security checks verify that the withdrawal is going to the owner of the account. This takes at least 72 hours.
  4. Once your withdrawal is approved, your funds are then handed over to the platform you used to make the withdrawal. It will then be successfully placed into your account.

Typical Costs When Using Australian Casino Banking Methods

Many of the available banking methods at online casinos incur additional charges whenever they're used to deposit or withdraw funds.

For the sake of transparency, we will provide you with the typical costs associated with each different banking method below:

Banking Method Deposit Costs Withdrawal Costs
NeoSurf1% purchase fee-
BitcoinMiner feeMiner fee
Wire TransferBank dependant$25-$50

Top Tip: If an online casino is charging you for a Bitcoin transaction, do not play at the casino. Bitcoin should be transacted without any additional fees. If your casino is charging you to use Bitcoin, they are applying their own independent fees without good reason.

Expert Tips and Tricks for Making Safe Transactions


Don't be concerned about 'pending periods'

When it comes to real money transactions, online casinos have to find a balance between fast payouts and customer safety. While we all want our money to be processed without delay, 'pending periods' are there to make sure your money is going to the right person. These security checks are necessary, but they do not need to go on for an unreasonable length of time (no longer than 2-7 days, ideally).


Check for the use of SSL Data Encryption technology

Here at CasinoShortlist we only feature online casinos that are certified for using SSL Data Encryption technology. This technology is used by all major high-street banks to scramble their customers personal details and make it difficult to be accessed by cyber-criminals. In terms of safety and security, there's no better guarantee that your money is safe than this.


Only use platforms you're familiar with

This perhaps goes without saying, but using a platform that is accessible and that you're familiar with will make it more likely that you can deposit and withdraw without a hitch. Finding an online casino that uses your preferred method should be in your considerations before you sign up to the casino.

Most Popular Banking Methods Not Available at AU Online Casinos

  • PayPal


    PayPal is one of the world's leading e-wallet solutions. In order to use PayPal you need to sign up, which requires a credit or debit card and an email address. Once your account is activated, you will be able to use it to transfer funds from your bank account and thereby pay for services online.

  • Ukash


    Ukash is very similar to the transaction method, NeoSurf. This banking method allows you to transfer your cash into Ukash vouchers, which you can use in turn to pay for services. This method is safe, secure and allows for instant transactions.

  • Poli


    POLi is an instant banking mechanism offered by Australia Post. This system allows you to transfer funds directly over the internet without any additional fees. One of the benefits of using POLi is that you don't require an account to use it at any POLi online casinos and there are no additional charges.

  • Neteller


    Neteller is one of the world's premier e-wallets, allowing players to transfer funds to all Neteller online casinos as soon as they have funded it. Players love Neteller because it is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and therefore offers fantastic customer protection.

  • Skrill


    Quick, accessible and easy to use, Skrill is a favourite banking method among online casino players. When you register an account with Skrill (by providing a valid email address and your current bank details) you can use Skrill to make deposits and withdrawals at any online casino offering the service.

  • American Express

    American Express

    American Express (or AMEX), is a credit card available to use at online casinos that offer it as a form of payment. Despite being one of the leading card-based payment providers, American Express is not routinely used at online casinos, perhaps due to its additional fees and its sparse distribution in Australia.

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