Independent Australian Casino Reviews in June 2021

At expect we the best from our listed online casinos. This is why every casino here is carefully tested by our team. We have years of experience as punters, and know what to look for when we review an online casino. Rest assured that the casinos listed here offer fair games, protect your personal information, and will pay your winnings. Read on if you want to learn more about our testing and casino review process.

Australian internet casinos offer a plethora of advantages over their traditional land - based counterparts and this includes, but is not limited to the following - promotions and bonuses, instant access to hundreds of different types of games, mobile gaming, loyalty programs, and much more.

However, there is an abundance of options to choose from for an Australian player looking to sign up with a virtual casino to play real money games. Not all Aussie casinos are created equal. Most new players looking to sign up with a virtual casino will feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of casino options and will most certainly need some help to understand which the best choice is for them.

Online Casino Review List

Players Allowed
  • $7500 + 100 Spins
  • No code required
  • Wager: 50x
Players Allowed
  • $6000 + 200 Spins
  • No code required
  • Wager: 50x
Players Allowed
  • $10000 + 120 Spins
  • No code required
  • Wager: 100x
Players Allowed
  • $5000 + 75 Spins
  • No code required
  • Wager: No Information
Players Allowed
  • $300 + 200 Spins
  • Use Code: WOO
  • Wager: 40x
Players Allowed
  • $10000 + 180 Spins
  • No code required
  • Wager: 80x
Players Allowed
  • $3000 + 100 Spins
  • Use Code: 100-FAIR-GO
  • Wager: 60x
Players Allowed
  • $300 + 150 Spins
  • No code required
  • Wager: 40x
Players Allowed
  • $1500 + 150 Spins
  • Use Code: FIRSTDEP
  • Wager: 50x
Players Allowed
  • Unlimited + 50 Spins
  • Use Code: STARTER350
  • Wager: 60x

Online Casino Review FAQ

This depends largely on your personal preferences and also your specific requirements. The best way to figure out which casino best suits your needs is to read through our review of the casino as this will give you a complete idea of what you can expect, what the pros and cons are and whether or not the casino will be an ideal choice for you.

There are many online casinos brought to you by some of the most well established and highly reputed online casino operators in the world. However, different casinos have different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, this answer is not black and white, it depends really on what it is you are looking for and which casino is best for you. However, we do make some recommendations and rate the best casinos in our website which should ensure that no matter which casino you pick from our recommended lists, you can rest assure that you are going to be content with your choice.

Just like there are hundreds of internet casinos, there are also hundreds of online casino blogs. In our books, the best blogs are those that are frequently updated. Some of the top websites and blogs that you can follow to know what is going on in the internet casino universe are -, Casino News Daily, Casino News Today, Party Casino, etc.

Yes! Most virtual casinos that are licensed by an authorized gambling governing body will be legitimate online casinos. They have been tested and audited for fairness. The rule of thumb when verifying a casino is to go the home page of the website, scroll down to the footer and then look for licensing information. A legitimate online casino should have published their license number. Furthermore, all the casinos that we recommend have been personally tested by us for legitimacy in all ways.

Online casinos have become more trustworthy that a decade ago for sure. This is because there are plenty of sites, like our own, which keep tabs on these casinos and offer transparency into them to users who are considering signing up. Furthermore, virtual casinos are now governed by gambling authorities (organizations) which will fine them or blacklist their license for any violations. The regulations surrounding online gambling and online casinos have also been tightened to ensure that online casinos operate in a manner which is fair and square. However, there are still casinos which are just a facade, a scam, looking to swindle gullible players. Thus, it is of paramount importance that you do your research and read reviews on a casino before you actually sign up with it.

Internet Casinos these days use what is known as a random number generator. These are algorithms which simulate randomness. The employment of such algorithms ensures that every roll of the dice or every spin of the reel you make at the casino is truly random like it would be in real life. An online casino using a random number generator has no control of the outcome of the games and so the games are not rigged in any way.

Games brought to you by trustworthy online casinos are always highly secure. Being that most games these days are instant play, you don't even have to download these games so you are not even at a risk of downloading malware or virus since you are not downloading anything at all.

There are plenty of big name casinos with millions of registered users that are very trustworthy indeed. Some such casinos are Betway casino, Bet365, etc.

Online casinos should certainly use encryption technologies. These ensure that the data they hold is encrypted and even in the unlikely event that a cyber attacker is able to gain access to the data, it is going to be indecipherable unless it is decrypted using what is known as the private key. Couple of things you need to keep an eye out for are 1) make sure the casino uses SSL encryption 2) make sure the casino website address start with 'https://'

Why Trust Our Casino Reviews?

We are dedicated to bringing Australian players like you, unbiased Australian casino reviews and in-depth analysis of the best online casinos to help you make an informed decision.

We give you all the information you need to know about an internet casino and save you time and money in making your choice.

We excel in testing online casinos from the perspective of an Australian player and summarizing all the good bits and the not so good bits for you on a platter. This way, you can feel confident that you are making the right choice when you decide to sign up with an internet casino and start playing.

We strive to minimize risk to players by guiding players in the direction of legitimate, top quality internet casinos while providing sufficient warning against black - listed, frivolous internet casinos that are simply out to swindle gullible Australian players and make a quick buck.

We Review Casino Sites with Player Enjoyment in Mind

When we review and test online casinos we always do so player's perspective. We bring you top online casino reviews, some of the things that we pay attention to when we recommend a casino on our website are -

A casino that delivers player satisfaction in terms of game choice, game play and overall user experience.

An interface that is usable without a steep learning curve.

A casino that offers instant play games that you can enjoy right on your browser and also downloadable version of the games.

Games that are truly exceptional and offer great entertainment value

A casino with a responsive customer support network and handle player dispute resolutions in a timely and fair manner.

Expert Casino Reviews and Guidance

Online casino reviews are usually written in haste and such reviews only consider first impressions and the general look and feel of the casino. Majority of reviews that you come across on review websites are essentially paraphrased based on other already existing reviews out there and they trumpet more or less the same opinions in different words. In fact, even Australian online casino reviews that claim to be casino expert reviews are generally just another rendition of existing reviews that are usually outdated.

We, on the other hand, start from a clean slate and thoroughly test and use the casino being reviewed first hand to bring you the most accurate facts and information regarding the casino. Our reviews are not just the result of meticulous research, but very well structured. We rate the casino on several different factors and also weigh in specifically on how the casino caters to players based in Australia.

We have streamlined our review process to first include an intensive research and testing phase which is our main source of information. Right from signing up and creating an account to contacting customer service, we will run through every use case that a player would have to go through at least once during the tenure of their experience with the casino. Bonuses are one of the biggest attractions for players, but more often than not, bonuses offered by virtual casinos can be doused in fine print, terms and conditions. Check out our exclusive casino bonus page for detailed, accurate and updated bonus information classified by casino.

When we recommend an online casino, you can rest assured that it is one of the best in the business and checks all of the following boxes -

Promotions offered which include welcome bonuses, regular bonuses, cash back bonuses and VIP exclusive bonuses and also the terms and conditions that apply to these bonuses.

A detailed look at the structure and perks of the loyalty program and how you can become a VIP member

An analysis of the customer support unit which looks into the different channels offered to reach customer support, the effectiveness of the support offered, the response times for the different customer support channels offered.

The variety of banking methods supported for withdrawals and deposits, the payout times for the different methods, deposit and withdrawal limits, and the verification procedure involved for withdrawals.

The graphics, ease of use, and performance of the software for both the desktop and the mobile casino software.

The game collection on offer, the gaming suppliers that power the casino, the types of games on offer, the overall quality of the games and also the average return to player percentages on the games.

The security, safety and privacy aspect of the casino. We check to make sure the casino uses SSL encryption technologies and secure protocols such as HTTPS to ensure that your sensitive data is well protected and inviolable at all times.

How We Rate the Best Casinos in our Online Casino Reviews

Rating online casinos is not something we take lightly. We really delve into the casino and test it end to end for weeks, or sometimes months together to get a real feel for the casino and to give you insights into the casino which you would not otherwise have.

Irrespective of whether you are a veteran online casino player or just some who is just getting into it, we will bring you reviews that are relevant. The big question is always - does the casino suit your needs? And this is what we aim to answer with every review that we put out.

We rate the best casinos by assessing them on the below factors:

Welcome bonuses and other promos

Most casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players. We will rate the casinos by these bonuses. How much can you make through the welcome bonus? What are the wagering requirements? Is the welcome bonus just a match bonus? Does the casino offer a no deposit bonus or a free spins bonus? We cover it all.

Game collection

How many games are offered? What different types of games can you play? What are the gaming suppliers? Are there progressive jackpots and if so, what are the pools like? Are the games classified properly to allow easy and quick access? What are the payout percentages? What are the most popular games on offer, and more.

Mobile casino

What mobile devices are supported? How many games can you play on the mobile casino? Are there instant play games? Is the website responsively designed? How does the mobile casino perform? Are the games optimized for mobile? Etc.

Customer support

Does the casino offer live chat support? What are the operational hours of support? Is phone support toll - free? How long does email support take to respond? Are the responses relevant and helpful? Do VIP players get dedicated support? What languages is the website and support available in? These are all questions we find out the answers to by contacting support ourselves and checking if the casino can put its money where its mouth is.


How long does the casino take to pay you your money? What are the different ways in which you can make deposits and withdrawals? Are the transactions fully secure and private? Does the casino support cryptocurrency? Does the casino support Australian Dollars directly? Get all the details in our individual online casino reviews.

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